Smart Device Apps & Connectivity Tools

Make effective use of existing technology investments with our integrated approach to your print environment. Ricoh's advanced connectivity includes tools for non-windows print environments to offer a flexible approach to document output by joining key systems and processes together.

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Enable printing from Citrix® MetaFrame®

Citrix® MetaFrame® is access infrastructure software that enables users anywhere, on any device or...
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For Seamless Integration with Enterprise Systems

IBM®’s HPT (Host Print Transform) realises a direct connection System i5 (AS/400) servers and Ric...
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Enable printing from Unix platforms.

In Unix and Linux environments it is often hard to enable access to all the capabilities of a printi...
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IBM® host printing capabilities for your Aficio™ device. The ultimate solution for mid-size and large workgroups.

Looking for IBM® host printing capabilities for your Aficio™ device? Ricoh has the ultimate solu...